Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday four of the Texas Junkin' Ladies made it to two church garage sales, one thrift store and one garage sale inside someone's air-conditioned home.  Temperatures hit 100 right at lunch time which droves us into a dark, cool Mexican joint.  Not only did we devour two baskets of chips and salsa we each drank two large glasses of water.  Keeping hydrated during serious 'tacky crap' hunting is key in preventing heat stroke.  Who wants to explain, in the emergency room, why one of the Texas Junkin' Ladies collaped while yanking, from some poor hapless woman toting a wee baby, one of those resin rabbit figurines sold in the "Everything for a Dollar" store last year for a dollar, selling at the Church garage sale for 50 cents.  It puts a dark light on our wonderful group.  We need to stay focused at all times and hydration is important.

At the first church Michele found out the true meaning of giving.  Nothing was priced, it was up to the money taker to determine who pays what.  Michele must have looked prosporous because the tally was a lot more than she expected.  The money taker noticed Michele's hesitation and told her the money was for Jesus.  Not more than three minutes after this confrontation did Michele come up with the perfect answer......"What would Jesus do?  He would give it all to me for free".....but alas, this wonderful reply was not spoken, and four of the Texas Junkin' Ladies paid Jesus through the nose!

The second church garage sale was more up-scale, as we had to pony up $1.00 for the entrance fee.  When you have to pay up front, you know the resin rabbit figurines that sold at "Everything for a Dollar" increased three-fold.  Truism:  You pay more for the Methodist junk than the Pentecostal junk.

The air-conditioned private garage sale was so-so.  I felt so guilty for spending a good 10 minutes in front of  the swamp cooler, so I bought a wooden item, for 25 cents, that I not only don't know what it's function is but the lady that sold it to me didn't know either.  But I have it and my conscious is clear.


My paltry haul for the day!

Patricia found this at the demolition house and I tote it with me to give me confidence to knock people down for the stuff in their greedy little arms.



  1. Judy found a way around that first church garage sale that made up prices as they went along; she just told them what she would pay and they said "OK."

  2. OK, Patracia told me the thing-a-ma-jig is the thing you push the meat down into a meat grinder with. So, now I know why its' so chewed up. Lots of sausage was made with my "thing-a-ma-jig. A true redneck appliance.