Saturday, December 31, 2011


This has been a whirlwind first year for the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  We have accomplished about 16 months of a lot of work, but mostly, we have had a ton of fun. One of the Texas Junkin' Ladies had to bow out of the selling end of our group due to a lot of night activity and the distance from her home and Jack's in Pittsburg, Texas.  Pat is still a staunch member of the Junkin' part of the group and will come along for the junkin' trips.  She has an eye for the good bargain and has years of experience in
garage sale dickering.  Pat can and will get that dollar item down to 50 cents using only her eye brows.  I've seen her do it.  I tried it and the seller thought I was chasing flies and tried to up the price thinking I was loco.

We've had a great year and when the Christmas items are taken down at Jack's, and when Patricia, Misty and Judy redecorate we'll start having time for the junkin' trips. Our trips are usually a hoot and we can't wait for the excitement to begin.


My Kitsch Tree

I wanted everyone to see my Kitsch Kitchen tree.  I collect aluminum cookie cutters and discovered I had about 20 of the Santa Claus cookie cutters and decided to use them for a kitchen Christmas tree.  The bell ornaments were given to me by my aunt that she purchased in 1951 as was the sitting elf.  Note the box, this was in my aunt's things and it contains ornament hangers that actually work.  Made in the USA, circa 1960 and sold for 10 cents.

                                  Prize for the drawing at the Cypress Basin Hospice Thrift Store

I put my name in, laughed because the only thing I have ever won, in 1964, was a hairdryer that came in a round suitcase like box that contained a plastic baggie that you put over your pinned and rolled wet hair.  It had a hose running out and into a heater like box attached in the suitcase. 

Hands free for those rotary dial phones.

Anyway, I won the prize at the Cypress Basin Hospice Thrift Store.

The Texas Junkin' Ladies wish everyone a wonderful 2012 and let this one be the best ever!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Patricia and her husband Mike hosted our FIRST annual Christmas party.  Of course, the theme was pure Redneck!  Ron Barret, Misty's husband, and Sean Talley provided live music and they were wonderful.

Patricia (Earldene)--(Jim Bob Mike's main squeeze)

Misty, better known as "Bubba Jean"

  Note how these Pittsburg socialites flaunt their brassieres over their tees and camo wear.

Kellye (BillyBobbett) and husband, Shiles-- affectionately known as "Goober"
Judy (Ellie May) and her husband Nat (Big Boy) dirty dancin'

Nikki (Tammy Fay) and her husband Charlie (Grumpy Puss)
Note: this photo was taken during a rousing Jitterbug and 20 seconds
before they both passed out.

The Good Old Boys, our live entertainment!

Jim Bob Mike's Main Squeeze cookin' up some scrumptious weinies on
the latest in grill ware.

Jim Bob Mike and his Main Squeeze

I don't know what the hell is goin' on.  What is that thing in Grumpy's mouth?

As usual we all had a wonderful time.  We had a White Elephant gift exchange.  We exchanged a lot of crap because I ended up with four sets of chopsticks.  Thanks, and you know who you are and there are paybacks in the works.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Here is an opportunity to give a wonderful gift to a loved one, or get a rare photo of your child or grandchild, a photo that can and will be passed down for generations.

Stop by Jack's at 122 Quitman, Pittsburg, Texas, on Saturday December 17 from 9 AM to 5 PM and give or get the perfect Christmas gift.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We were to be at Jack's the afternoon of the Santa Claus parade to hand out cookies and hot cider but the powers that be in Pittsburg postponed the parade and rescheduled for this following Saturday.  The 'powers' thought it might rain, but not a drop.  Let's wait and see what next Saturday brings, with our luck it'll be snow.

There we were, most of the Texas Junkin' Ladies and the postponed parade provided the TJL's with a work day.  When I arrived at Jack's at noon on Saturday, it was wall to wall Christmas decorations. Jack's had been decorated from stem to stern last week.   Do you think for one minute that this was enough?  No indeed.  Judy whipped out, from the rear-end of her truck, another artificial tree.  Patricia, from god only knows where, brought out and fluffed six of those tiny little skinny trees and even hung them with lights.  Misty was over in the corner doing something with silver plated flatware.  It looked like she was fluffing the spoons to death. sticking and poking them all over the store and even in the trees.  I feigned piddling with stuff for a good hour until they saw through my charade and sent me next door to All Occasions to step and fetch.  "Take this over, bring back thus and such."  It was WORK!

At 3:30 I drug my poor body home to my recliner leaving them to do their magic.  As I drove past Jack's big front windows and to my wondering eyes did appear, three more Christmas trees waiting in line to be fluffed.  Where the trees came from is beyond me, but I have a suspicion that Judy, Patricia and Misty are actually elves and they do this every Christmas.  Why put one tree in an antique store when 57 will make it even better.

This is the kitchen area of Jack's

Our garden area was taken over by the "Elves"

This is the dining room at Jack's

I know it's hard to see but they're fluffing!

To Judy, Patricia and Misty this is not decorated nearly enough!

Don't let her fool you, Judy's scarfing down cookies.  I'm surprised the confectioners sugar
isn't giving her away.

Did you know Patricia can take an old shirt of her husband's and make
table napkins?  Who Knew?

Jack's did pretty good last month and hopefully December will be the best selling month yet!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Last Thursday we met at Jack's to start preparing for Christmas.  We removed all of the Halloween and Fall decorations.  So far, five Christmas trees have been put up and knowing Patricia, 38 more are coming in any day.

All thumbs, that I am, I attempted to help by giving Misty a hand with the largest Christmas tree.  Putting it together was a little discombobulated due to the fact that I've never mastered the "righty tighty, lefty lucy" concept of tightening the tree into the tree stand.  As Misty was 'righty tightying' I was 'lefty lucying' and around and around we went.  Finally, I stepped back and Misty got the booger upright and tight.

Patricia yelled from the front of Jack's that she wanted the "bows" (East Texas for Boughs) fluffed.  I assumed, as only an old gal can, that she wanted the 'bows' uncrunched and tree looking.  Misty and I were, at this time, laying on the floor "fluffing" the lower 'bows'.  Unnoticed by me, we went around and around again.  In my pea brain, "fluffing" was not what I was doing.  I was straightening not fluffing.
Fluffing, I have learned, is an artwork mastered only by anal retentive people who put up more than one tree in their home.  Fluffing is more like a scrunch.  I have drawn an example below:

Note how the 'bows' are different.  One example is nice and tree-like, the other is full of fluff.  This old gal has learned a new way to put up an artificial Christmas tree.  From now on, I'll throw my tree out of the attic into it's stand and call it good.  No more unnecessary work, now I'll have more time for my blackberry merlot.

By the time 8:00 pm rolled around, I was dead tired from fluffing and had to go home.  The younger of the Texas Junkin' Ladies remained and I'm sure fluffed until the roosters started crowing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Texas Junkin' Ladies were blown away with Pittsburg's Halloween Night.  This was our first time for Jack's to give out candy to all the ghosts, goblins, spider men and princesses in Pittsburg.  We thought we had more than enough candy for everyone and were we ever wrong.  We had to close the door when we gave out candy to 500 kids and there were that many more lining the streets.  This was so much fun that next year will be even bigger and better because Jack's will have enough candy to satisfy 1,000 kids.

One of our own won first place in their age group for the best costume.  Not only was Tony the scariest werewolf in Pittsburg, he helped give out candy giving the old ladies a good breather. 

Tony with is parents, Ron on the motorcycle and Misty manning the candy bowl

Misty cleaned up for this photo shoot.  Below is how she really looks.

We had all kinds of Trick or Treaters, but there were a couple of old gals that were out for the chocolate.  When you wear dentures, you're too old to Trick or Treat.  I don't care what your costume looks like, when one reaches for the candy and they are not wearing plastic witches' hands, but their hands look like plastic witches' hands, they are too old for Trick or Treating.

After the trick or treating the Texas Junkin' Ladies gave me a birthday party.  I was given my very own bottle of that world famous Blackberry Merlot.  Judy said she paid 40 cents more this this brand than what we are used to.  That makes it $4.69 for the magnum liter.  It may be cheap, but it's smooth!  I can drink lots of it before I get on the table with a lampshade on my head.

Pat give me one of her wonderful 'Exploding Boxes' filled with CHOCOLATE.  That's when I died and went to heaven.  I wonder if the other Texas Junkin' Ladies noticed that I didn't pass out the chocolate.  Some things are meant, not to be shared.

From Patricia I got a bottle of beer brewed in Austin, Texas.  It was a Rye India Ale called the "Witchmaker"  Trust me the alcohol content of the Witchmaker had me trying to get up on the coffee table right there in the middle of Jack's.  Thank goodness Charlie was there to keep my clothes on.

Misty gave me two packages of straws.  Wasn't that nice of Misty?

Judy, the witch that she is, gave me a genuine vintage Schupp's SANI-STRAW-MISER. 

(Misty, note the straws)

One might think this was an unusual gift, but to a gal that can't drink coke out of a glass without the coke going up her nose and out her tear ducts, a Schupp's SANI-STRAW-MISER is the cat's meow. 

Until next time, which means we need a Junkin' trip real bad!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


October 31, will find the Texas Junkin' Ladies in front of Jack's, passing out candy to all the roaming hoards of goblins and ghosties, downtown Pittsburg.

 The city of Pittsburg puts on a Halloween Night where the businesses pass out candy.  This keeps the monsters off the streets and gives the downtown businesses an opportunity to mingle with the locals.  Stop by Jack's and we'll give you a piece of candy.  Of course, dusting all the glass decor in Jack's might get you a Tootsie Roll Pop.  Kids get treats for free, adults have to work.

On November 5, Misty and Patricia are going to Washington, Arkansas for the Civil War Reenactment. 

 An $8.00 entry fee will give you all day entertainment which includes a tour of homes as well as a battle reenactment.

November 10th, Thursday, is Pittsburg's "Downtown Alive" night.  From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, all the businesses will be open, each offering something a little different.  Jack's will be giving complimentary
"Hand Spas" for the ladies.  While in Jack's they will get an opportunity to see all the items the Texas Junkin' Ladies are offering.  

 December 12, the Texas Junkin' Ladies are going to the Candle Light Home Tour in Jefferson, Texas.  They say Jefferson is a haunted town and you know the great Texas Motto  "Don't Mess With Texas Ghosts"?  It's true.

This site will give you information on tickets, etc.

December 10, Mike and Patricia will have a Redneck Costume Party.  Ron and Shane will be providing live music.  Patricia says to bring a white elephant gift, something obtained from one of our Junkin' trips (we have a lot of that crap).  She also said the menu for the party will be our all time favorites, Spam, saltines, sardines, boudin balls, viennas and Moonpies.

I'm gettin' hungry just typing this blog. YUM!

Patricia said to BYOU (bring your own utensils).  Those ratty thin paper plates, plastic knife, fork and spoon.  The handouts you've been collecting from McDonald's--packets of salt, pepper, and ketchup.  Styrofoam Big Gulp cups, straws and bring along those Burger King crowns you've collected over the years.

Anything else comes up I'll be sure and let you know.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Texas Junkin' Ladies are proud to announce the addition of Kellye Hubbell.  She will give our group plenty of class and knowledge.  Kellye has had antique booths in Jefferson, Texas and Winnsboro, Texas.  She is also an Interior Designer in Houston, Texas.  Kellye brings years of experience and a keen eye for those 'must haves' everyone is looking for.  We are so excited, she is the a prize and we are so glad to have her as one of the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  

I wonder if Kellye knows she has to wear a hat for our junkin' trips?  I wonder if Kellye knows she has to fit in Judy's SUV with six other Junkin Ladies (where one or two might be a bit gaseous), plus a full grown wire reindeer, a complete plastic nativity scene, assorted tables, chairs and manniquins?  I wonder if she knows she will have to carry the breakables in her lap and I wonder if she cares that Mexican food is our food of choice?

Let's not tell her until later, much later!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


The docorators in our bunch have been hard at it getting our window decorated for Halloween.  We have entered a city wide contest and judging will be held before Halloween.  October is Breast Cancer month and the City of Pittsburg and the business owners are painting Pittsburg PINK!  The business owners are decorating their windows "Pink-o-ween".  The best "Pink-o-Ween" window wins.

Our resident witch.

Bony and his gourdhead ghost friends

Flowerpot Witch

Witches boots and suitcase.

The Texas Junkin' Ladies are proud to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and want you all to remember to make those mammogram appointments.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


     Tabitha Ballard is Patricia's daughter and Tabitha has joined us at Jack's in Pittsburg.  Her artistic talent, and her wonderful baking has given our group a lot of class.  She does wedding and custom made cakes.

     Let Tabitha put her talents to work for you.  Call or email her with your requests.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


     Every now and then we stumble across an item that has made a resurgence in popularity.  We all know how popular Pyrex bowls and casserole dishes have become, expecially since we have all gotten rid of our colleciton way back at that miserable garage sale in '83.  Why keep breakable USA made bowls when we can get plastic bowls from Taiwan sold at K-Mart?  No doubt the lady that bought all those Pryex bowls is now laughing her head off. (the putz)
     Two years ago, my aunt gave me her Christmas ornaments and lights.  She is 83 and no longer puts up a tree.  Within this assortment of ornaments was one of those Elves with bended knees.  They are called Shelf Elves, because they sit perfectly on the mantle or table.  All of them were made in Japan and were sold about the early 1950's and 1960's.  I remember we had one when I grew up, but as with all of the family ornaments they were thrown out when Mother obtained that ghastly aluminum Christmas tree with the revolving colored lights, which never had the aroma of balsam.
     I looked up Shelf Elves on Ebay and 'Who Knew?'  These little guys are pricey and are selling like hotcakes.  All it takes for an item to become the "in thing" is nostalgia! 

     When you are out and about and come across something that takes you back in time, consider bringing it home and start remembering times long past.  But then there is my huge collection of cow creamers! Not only does no one want them, I can't even pass them down to my daughters.  They have told me years ago that they have no room for them, to go ahead and dump 'em out.  Somewhere out there, there must be some misguided soul that likes cow creamers, lots of cow creamers.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Judy and I went to an estate sale near Gilmer and bought quite a few things, then went to the Meth Store (Methodist Clothes Closet) in Gilmer.    Later in the afternoon Charlie, my husband, and I were notified about another estate sale and it was a heart breaker as the gentleman is a friend of ours.  He is a widower and about 85 years old.  His nieces and nephew have moved him to an apartment, have sold his country home and have spent two days selling his treasures off one by one.  It's not that the relatives are doing him wrong, it's time for him to be closer to the family and closer to his doctors.  Living 20 miles out in the country, alone and almost blind and stone deaf is not the best place for him.
Charlie and I went and every item we picked up, our friend had a story to tell.  In other words, we didn't get but a couple of things, but I called Judy and she called Patricia, they both being Texas Junkin's Ladies, didn't have any qualms about buying the gentleman's treasures or anything else they could get their hands on.  It took them two separate trips, but they managed to get two truck loads. Do they have any remorse?  Hell, No!  Shame, shame, shame and they owe me big time!

My haul for the entire day (the 2 estate sales and the Meth Store) ---Two vintage aprons, a nut cracker, sugar dispenser, beaded evening bag,
celluloid powder box( black, which is unusual), potato mashers and a sewing box full of old buttons.

Judy and Patricia didn't take photos of their haul, good thing as I'm pretty sure they took the gentleman's toilet along with the rest of his worldly goods.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Our Grand Opening at Jack's in Pittsburg, Texas, during Chickfest, went off without a hitch.  We sold many items, saw many old friends, met many new friends and had a great time. 

Patricia talking with her daughter, Trisha.  Pat is in the

This is Tony, Misty's son.  A good worker; we could not
have not done it without him.

Some of our things.  We call this the garden room.

Judy in the "Dining Room"

Treasures galore!

The "Kitchen"

Elegance next to Hardscrabble

Elegance next to Hardscrabble pretty much defines our eclectic styles.  Each of us brings a little something different to the table.  Throw in a lot of love and one hell of a good time and you have the Texas Junkin' Ladies.