Sunday, July 31, 2011

WEEKLY RECAP--Sunday July 31, 2011

Patricia and Judy are washing, cleaning, scrubbing, waxing, painting and stirring up a hornet's nest trying to get all their pickin's to look presentable from the old house they took upon themselves to take down board by board, so to speak.  They are taking years of varnish, dirt and filth off of the furniture and dishes.  They are crowing and oohing and aahing over the least little thing, you'd think they discovered a well full of Texas Tea.

Here are just a couple of their finds:

1890's wooden cash drawer

This is similar to the one Judy rescued out of the old house.

They are both in la la land and probably won't come out and play for a couple of weeks.  They are now trying to get into the demolition business.  Will probably put an ad on Craigslist wanting to tear down your old rat infested barn or mice infested shed.  Here is what they look like, so you can recognize them at your doorstep:

Patricia and Judy