Friday, August 26, 2011


In Pittsburg our local thrift store has been reorganized and under new management.  Last Thrusday was their grand re-opening and they offered a 40% discount, on any one item, starting at 10:00 am.  I will say that 2/3 of the Texas Junkin' Ladies were in attendance and stuff was scarfed down in nothing flat.

Cypress Basin Hospice Thriftstore Volunteer

Everything is beautifully displayed giving the thriftstore a pleasure to shop.

This is a kitchen cabinet that will be great for displaying our items in our booth.  We didn't buy the cups, glasses or plates, just the cabinet.

We bought the dressing table along with the bench, we didn't buy
the bottles, unguents or lamps.

Patricia and Misty returned to work, Judy and I toodled down to Gilmer to check out the Methodist Clothes Closet (we call it the Meth House for short, it sort of gives the Texas Junkin's Ladies a little attitude), then to "Two Moms" in downtown Gilmer and to a garage sale south of town.  Judy and I did pretty good.  Judy got a Frankoma plate for a dollar and I got a Nadinola Vanishing Cream glass box for $3.50.  Also too many pieces of junk to mention.  Please bare in mind that no one will probably buy our junk, but oh what a good time we had.

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