Friday, August 12, 2011

All Occasions Mall/Pittsburg, Texas 8/12/11

I stopped by the All Occasions Mall to change out some items that didn't sell and brought a couple of items that might strike someone's fancy.  The Texas Junkin' Ladies sell a few the items we find on our Junkin' trips and the Antique/Collectables Mall in Pittsburg is our place for selling.

If the truth be known the more we sell the more we buy.  The more we buy the more fun we have.  It's a win/win situation.  We have been known to throw caution to the wind, stop on a dime, turn around in Farmer Ralph's strawberry patch when we pass a house with only the garage door open.  Better yet, one time we saw one of those heavy wire Christmas reindeer sticking out of a dipsty dumpster and Judy laid down 35 feet of black rubber before we came to a complete stop.  It wasn't too may weeks later when Judy got out of my car to see when the Candy store would open when I spotted a flea market across the street.  Judy can thank her lucky stars she didn't get under the wheels of my car, because I was halfway across the street before I realized she was hanging on the car door.

Mostly Patricia's items

This is the summertime display

Some of Judy's items

These are Pat's items, she is the beader in the group

Pat's yard art (the photo does not do the items justice)

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