Friday, August 26, 2011


In Pittsburg our local thrift store has been reorganized and under new management.  Last Thrusday was their grand re-opening and they offered a 40% discount, on any one item, starting at 10:00 am.  I will say that 2/3 of the Texas Junkin' Ladies were in attendance and stuff was scarfed down in nothing flat.

Cypress Basin Hospice Thriftstore Volunteer

Everything is beautifully displayed giving the thriftstore a pleasure to shop.

This is a kitchen cabinet that will be great for displaying our items in our booth.  We didn't buy the cups, glasses or plates, just the cabinet.

We bought the dressing table along with the bench, we didn't buy
the bottles, unguents or lamps.

Patricia and Misty returned to work, Judy and I toodled down to Gilmer to check out the Methodist Clothes Closet (we call it the Meth House for short, it sort of gives the Texas Junkin's Ladies a little attitude), then to "Two Moms" in downtown Gilmer and to a garage sale south of town.  Judy and I did pretty good.  Judy got a Frankoma plate for a dollar and I got a Nadinola Vanishing Cream glass box for $3.50.  Also too many pieces of junk to mention.  Please bare in mind that no one will probably buy our junk, but oh what a good time we had.

Monday, August 22, 2011


This is Patricia's loot

Patricia and Misty's haul for the day

Judy and Michele's junk.

Michele and Judy after a very hot day of junkin'

Judy found this at the Flea Market and gave it to me.  I am the person who loves old photos and this one is wonderful
1951-At the Centerville, Tennessee Fair

We've all recovered from the heat and are actually planning for our next outing of the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  East Texas----BEWARE, hide your crap.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Saturday August 20, 2011 --  We all gathered at Luigi's parking lot for our raid on East Texas.  There was junk to be found and we were goin' to find it.  We headed out at about 9:30 am and we had a nice cool morning of about 89 degrees.  Sun shining, six gals junkin', what could be better?

Our first stop was the flea market in Mt. Pleasant.  The back end of the flea market is not air conditioned, but we plowed ahead in spite of the dampness of our armpits.

Misty with the first purchase of the day
a big old lady vintage nightgown. 
We might use this for advertizing in some way
but we'll figure that out later.

Judy bought a vintage baby crib, several needless junky items, ratty black feather boas and stuff she refers to as thingies, whatever those are.

Judy paying for the flea market items.  After taking the photo I walked away.
I couldn't be a part of the "I know the crib is $20.00 but will you take $6.00?"
You and I would have to pay the $20.00, Judy will get it for $6.00.  I don't know why either!
Temperature now at 98 dedgees!

Here we are at Cackleberry's, a junk shop northwest of Mt. Pleasant

Front row:  Patricia, Nikki and Michele
Back row:  Judy, Misty and Pat
Temperature now at 102 degrees

We left Cackleberry's and had lunch at Blalock's BBQ.  When we drove back through Mt. Pleasant the bank said it was 105 degrees.  Did this daunt our junkin' ladies?  I don't know about four of them but Pat and I were seeing mirages and sweating rivers.  Pat and I left for the air conditioning of home and the rest of the bunch delved into the Bargain Barn that used to be an oil and lube shop. So no air conditioning in sight.

Hopefully it will become cooler as the year progresses.  If not, the Texas Junkin' Ladies might become Canadians.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Last night was our bi-monthly Redneck Wineglass Makin' Party.  It's not that we meet twice a month just to make wineglasses out of fruit jars, but it's a darn good excuse to eat redneck food and drink our favorite Blackberry Merlot at $4.49 a bottle.

Here I am in my Tammy Faye Baker look holding up my many chins

Here's Patricia in her Daisy Mae outfit.

Note the wonderful squeeze cheese, Velveeta and vienna sausages and homegrown
tomatoes for dietary bulk.

Here's Pat, she arrived for the party in her pickup truck which contained several tubes
of E6000 glue, her trademark.

Here is Misty loading up on Velveeta filled Chicken Spaghetti
and sweet ice tea.

Judy and Michele getting ready for dessert

Pat brought this marvelous dessert called 'Redneck Trailer Trash Twinky Supreme'
Twinky, Cool Whip and a cherry, heaven, pure heaven.
Note the redneck wineglass above the Twinky Supreme.

Patricia wanted me to tell all of you that she and Misty scored big time at our local Hospice Thrift Store on Wednesday.  It's not all fun and games with the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  We work hard to pick up crap for resell. 
The cardboard box contains copper picture frames and
the barrel will be used for display at our booth in Pittsburg.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here we are at Patricia's crafting chokers and ornaments for the Old West Rendezvous Days to be in Grapeland October 15&16-2011.  The crafts must repesent the 19th century and the Texas Junkin' Ladies are gathering crafts and vintage clothing items for our booth.

Patricia is sewing the ribbon to the choker

Misty is taking sequins off of daring bustier purchased at Goodwill.  We'll pass this off
as something a saloon gal would have worn in the 19th Century.

Here is Judy eating and drinking right on top of the choker makins'.  After three glasses of wine, who cares?

As usual we had a great time, but we talk more than we craft.  I would like to mention the horrible dip Judy brought, even Mike, Patricia's husband turned his nose up at the "Greek yogurt, artichoke, hummus, spinach, dandelion greens, match sticks, and I swear there were a couple of rutabagas for some roughage."  She almost took it back to Brookshire's for a full refund (and knowing Judy a little extra for her pain and suffering), but she left it for poor Patricia to dispose of.

Next entry will be our Redneck Wineglass makin' party.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

THE LOOT 8/14/11

A couple of the ladies made it to a few garage sales this week-end, but with the tempatures still over 100, sitting at home in the A/C is a lot more fun.

I drug my poor husband, Charlie, with me Saturday.  I can always tell when he really doesn't want to go with me to the garage sales.  For starters he can't see a garage sale sign if it ran out in the middle of the street and beat him about the head and shoulders.  He drives like he has blinders on and when I alert him to a garage sale sign approaching he doesn't quite make the correct turn.  Then, to top it off, if the sale is more than three houses past the intersection, we turn around and call it a "sale that happened last week."  The stinker!

At a church garage sale he bought himself an aluminum briefcase and an unopened packaged mandolin kitchen slicer.  Why?  I don't know! If anyone picks up the newspaper and reads about an old lady manolined to death, you'll know why he bought the dumb thing.

My haul, one cookie jar and two teapots

Check out the "little girl's dress" clothes pin bag

Judy found an amber glass snack set

Also this Westmoreland glass Lovebirds Box 

We'll try and get into some fun this week.  We want to have another Redneck Wine Glass makin' party like we had a few weeks ago.  Will fill everyone in on that rousing good time, next time.  Our drink of choice at the party is Blackberry Merlot at $4.49 a bottle.  Smooth!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

All Occasions Mall/Pittsburg, Texas 8/12/11

I stopped by the All Occasions Mall to change out some items that didn't sell and brought a couple of items that might strike someone's fancy.  The Texas Junkin' Ladies sell a few the items we find on our Junkin' trips and the Antique/Collectables Mall in Pittsburg is our place for selling.

If the truth be known the more we sell the more we buy.  The more we buy the more fun we have.  It's a win/win situation.  We have been known to throw caution to the wind, stop on a dime, turn around in Farmer Ralph's strawberry patch when we pass a house with only the garage door open.  Better yet, one time we saw one of those heavy wire Christmas reindeer sticking out of a dipsty dumpster and Judy laid down 35 feet of black rubber before we came to a complete stop.  It wasn't too may weeks later when Judy got out of my car to see when the Candy store would open when I spotted a flea market across the street.  Judy can thank her lucky stars she didn't get under the wheels of my car, because I was halfway across the street before I realized she was hanging on the car door.

Mostly Patricia's items

This is the summertime display

Some of Judy's items

These are Pat's items, she is the beader in the group

Pat's yard art (the photo does not do the items justice)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday four of the Texas Junkin' Ladies made it to two church garage sales, one thrift store and one garage sale inside someone's air-conditioned home.  Temperatures hit 100 right at lunch time which droves us into a dark, cool Mexican joint.  Not only did we devour two baskets of chips and salsa we each drank two large glasses of water.  Keeping hydrated during serious 'tacky crap' hunting is key in preventing heat stroke.  Who wants to explain, in the emergency room, why one of the Texas Junkin' Ladies collaped while yanking, from some poor hapless woman toting a wee baby, one of those resin rabbit figurines sold in the "Everything for a Dollar" store last year for a dollar, selling at the Church garage sale for 50 cents.  It puts a dark light on our wonderful group.  We need to stay focused at all times and hydration is important.

At the first church Michele found out the true meaning of giving.  Nothing was priced, it was up to the money taker to determine who pays what.  Michele must have looked prosporous because the tally was a lot more than she expected.  The money taker noticed Michele's hesitation and told her the money was for Jesus.  Not more than three minutes after this confrontation did Michele come up with the perfect answer......"What would Jesus do?  He would give it all to me for free".....but alas, this wonderful reply was not spoken, and four of the Texas Junkin' Ladies paid Jesus through the nose!

The second church garage sale was more up-scale, as we had to pony up $1.00 for the entrance fee.  When you have to pay up front, you know the resin rabbit figurines that sold at "Everything for a Dollar" increased three-fold.  Truism:  You pay more for the Methodist junk than the Pentecostal junk.

The air-conditioned private garage sale was so-so.  I felt so guilty for spending a good 10 minutes in front of  the swamp cooler, so I bought a wooden item, for 25 cents, that I not only don't know what it's function is but the lady that sold it to me didn't know either.  But I have it and my conscious is clear.


My paltry haul for the day!

Patricia found this at the demolition house and I tote it with me to give me confidence to knock people down for the stuff in their greedy little arms.