Sunday, August 14, 2011

THE LOOT 8/14/11

A couple of the ladies made it to a few garage sales this week-end, but with the tempatures still over 100, sitting at home in the A/C is a lot more fun.

I drug my poor husband, Charlie, with me Saturday.  I can always tell when he really doesn't want to go with me to the garage sales.  For starters he can't see a garage sale sign if it ran out in the middle of the street and beat him about the head and shoulders.  He drives like he has blinders on and when I alert him to a garage sale sign approaching he doesn't quite make the correct turn.  Then, to top it off, if the sale is more than three houses past the intersection, we turn around and call it a "sale that happened last week."  The stinker!

At a church garage sale he bought himself an aluminum briefcase and an unopened packaged mandolin kitchen slicer.  Why?  I don't know! If anyone picks up the newspaper and reads about an old lady manolined to death, you'll know why he bought the dumb thing.

My haul, one cookie jar and two teapots

Check out the "little girl's dress" clothes pin bag

Judy found an amber glass snack set

Also this Westmoreland glass Lovebirds Box 

We'll try and get into some fun this week.  We want to have another Redneck Wine Glass makin' party like we had a few weeks ago.  Will fill everyone in on that rousing good time, next time.  Our drink of choice at the party is Blackberry Merlot at $4.49 a bottle.  Smooth!!!!!

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