Sunday, July 31, 2011

WEEKLY RECAP--Sunday July 31, 2011

Patricia and Judy are washing, cleaning, scrubbing, waxing, painting and stirring up a hornet's nest trying to get all their pickin's to look presentable from the old house they took upon themselves to take down board by board, so to speak.  They are taking years of varnish, dirt and filth off of the furniture and dishes.  They are crowing and oohing and aahing over the least little thing, you'd think they discovered a well full of Texas Tea.

Here are just a couple of their finds:

1890's wooden cash drawer

This is similar to the one Judy rescued out of the old house.

They are both in la la land and probably won't come out and play for a couple of weeks.  They are now trying to get into the demolition business.  Will probably put an ad on Craigslist wanting to tear down your old rat infested barn or mice infested shed.  Here is what they look like, so you can recognize them at your doorstep:

Patricia and Judy

Friday, July 29, 2011


Condemned house in Pittsburg

Three of the Texas Junkin' Ladies gathered at this condemned house and took it apart one door at a time in 100 + degree weather.  No fans, no A/C, no breeze!  Patricia and Judy brought help, their husbands and a poor hapless boyfriend of Patricia's daughter, Trisha.  They all worked like demons over this poor derelict of a house.  Termites are alive and well living in this abdonded house along with squirrels, mice, wasps and I swear... bedbugs, ticks and fleas.

Tons of personal correspondence, deeds, insurance policies, diplomas, etc.

Patricia wanted the stove, but Mike axed that idea, too heavy!

Judy and her husband Nat taking down the doors.

Eight doors, bureaus, two cedar chifferobes, bookcases, a table and a dressing table filled this trailer and Nat's pickup was loaded.

The Texas Junkin' Ladies took everything including the kitchen sink!

They all worked hard.  I came along for the ride.  I was the picture taker and every demolition needs a picture taker!  Way too hot for this old lady!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Judy and I dropped by our local resale shop for their FIRST ANNUAL GRAND OPENING SALE.  Judy found a Franciscan Autumn teapot for $ 38.00.  Probably not a terrific buy, but they are hard to find, especially down in this area.  She has a dear friend that remembers this pattern from her childhood and Judy hopes to surprize her with the teapot at Christmas.

Judy and Patricia fell into a wonderful deal, or one heck of a hell hole.  While Judy was cashiering at the antique store, where we have our booth, a teen dropped by selling old dishes he found while working at an old abandoned house that the city of Pittsburg will be bull dozing down tomorrow.  Patricia, being the nuts and bolts gal of this group had the teen take her to the house.  To make a long story short, Judy and Patricia have paid their way into getting all the doors, sinks, space heaters, cabinets, light fixtures, tubs and various doorknobs and drawer pulls.  I'm following them over there tonight to check all this stuff out and will take pictures.  This I've got to see!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Four of the Junkin' Ladies had an all day run to Longview, Texas.  We took in two estate sales,  two thrift stores and checked out a new shop that is in the process of opening up.  We wanted to see if we could put some of our finds there, but the spaces were too small for an adequate amount of junk from the 6 Texas Junkin' Ladies. 

Judy is our winner, she bought four goblets for $10.00 each at our first estate sale and found they are selling for over a $100.00 each on Ebay.

Pat came back from vacation at Tenkiller Lake in Oklahoma with an arthritis remedy.  You take a pound of white (golden) raisins and cover them with two cups of gin in a glass container.  Wait ten days or until all the gin is absorbed and then you are to eat nine raisins a day.  Here is what I emailed her late last evening:

email dated 7/22

OK Pat, here's what ole Nikki did.  I took the gin and made a wee little toddy while I explained
the arthritis remedy to Charlie.  After he laughed until his coke came out of his nose, I made
myself another little toddy.
This is when I mixed up the gin and the raisins and put them in a glass jar with Saran wrap
over the top.  I made myself another little drinky poo.  Damn, that gin is sure smooth......
I stirred those shrivelled up little crappy raisins sitting in that marvelous gin...........but I
can't seems to get the Saran wrap straightened out to put back over the top......who gives
a rat's ass................
Pat, you know what's good?  Drinking the gin straight out of the jar.  I think it has somethen
to doo with the crappy rasons.  I swallored the Sraon wrap, but Chalie did the hindlick
on me and out poopped th sarah wrap.  I'm all better now, but I think I;m gettin sick.
Good idee you ahd Pat.  But I caint feel lmy nose, it's gone.  somebodie took my noze. O
god whatt wil i do?????
yur budie,

Friday, July 15, 2011


We took in about five garage sales, two antique stores and one flea market.  The early morning was delightful, but by the time we got to the flea market our butts were dragging in the 105 degree heat.  We didn't stray far from the A/C (on MAX) in the car.

Chairs, tables, quilt and shams, Limoge china gravy boat and matching plate, vintage jewelry and lots of kitch.  We found some deals and were happy with our stuff.

Nikki and Patricia

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We are five gals that love to go Junkin'. When a call goes out (email) that one of us needs a fix, we make plans to meet out on the highway, grab our hats and hit the sales.  We've never arrive back home without the car trunks, truck beds, SUVs crammed full of crap.

On one of our excursions to Tyler, Texas

Judy taking our the booty

We were gone from early morning to late afternoon.  The Goodwill in Tyler was loaded with goodies as were a few garage sales.  But when the temperature gets over 100 degrees, getting in and out of the vehicle gets a little old.  We were glad to see home.