Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here we are at Patricia's crafting chokers and ornaments for the Old West Rendezvous Days to be in Grapeland October 15&16-2011.  The crafts must repesent the 19th century and the Texas Junkin' Ladies are gathering crafts and vintage clothing items for our booth.

Patricia is sewing the ribbon to the choker

Misty is taking sequins off of daring bustier purchased at Goodwill.  We'll pass this off
as something a saloon gal would have worn in the 19th Century.

Here is Judy eating and drinking right on top of the choker makins'.  After three glasses of wine, who cares?

As usual we had a great time, but we talk more than we craft.  I would like to mention the horrible dip Judy brought, even Mike, Patricia's husband turned his nose up at the "Greek yogurt, artichoke, hummus, spinach, dandelion greens, match sticks, and I swear there were a couple of rutabagas for some roughage."  She almost took it back to Brookshire's for a full refund (and knowing Judy a little extra for her pain and suffering), but she left it for poor Patricia to dispose of.

Next entry will be our Redneck Wineglass makin' party.

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  1. I even hauled some junk back from North Carolina.