Friday, August 19, 2011


Last night was our bi-monthly Redneck Wineglass Makin' Party.  It's not that we meet twice a month just to make wineglasses out of fruit jars, but it's a darn good excuse to eat redneck food and drink our favorite Blackberry Merlot at $4.49 a bottle.

Here I am in my Tammy Faye Baker look holding up my many chins

Here's Patricia in her Daisy Mae outfit.

Note the wonderful squeeze cheese, Velveeta and vienna sausages and homegrown
tomatoes for dietary bulk.

Here's Pat, she arrived for the party in her pickup truck which contained several tubes
of E6000 glue, her trademark.

Here is Misty loading up on Velveeta filled Chicken Spaghetti
and sweet ice tea.

Judy and Michele getting ready for dessert

Pat brought this marvelous dessert called 'Redneck Trailer Trash Twinky Supreme'
Twinky, Cool Whip and a cherry, heaven, pure heaven.
Note the redneck wineglass above the Twinky Supreme.

Patricia wanted me to tell all of you that she and Misty scored big time at our local Hospice Thrift Store on Wednesday.  It's not all fun and games with the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  We work hard to pick up crap for resell. 
The cardboard box contains copper picture frames and
the barrel will be used for display at our booth in Pittsburg.

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