Sunday, October 2, 2011


     Every now and then we stumble across an item that has made a resurgence in popularity.  We all know how popular Pyrex bowls and casserole dishes have become, expecially since we have all gotten rid of our colleciton way back at that miserable garage sale in '83.  Why keep breakable USA made bowls when we can get plastic bowls from Taiwan sold at K-Mart?  No doubt the lady that bought all those Pryex bowls is now laughing her head off. (the putz)
     Two years ago, my aunt gave me her Christmas ornaments and lights.  She is 83 and no longer puts up a tree.  Within this assortment of ornaments was one of those Elves with bended knees.  They are called Shelf Elves, because they sit perfectly on the mantle or table.  All of them were made in Japan and were sold about the early 1950's and 1960's.  I remember we had one when I grew up, but as with all of the family ornaments they were thrown out when Mother obtained that ghastly aluminum Christmas tree with the revolving colored lights, which never had the aroma of balsam.
     I looked up Shelf Elves on Ebay and 'Who Knew?'  These little guys are pricey and are selling like hotcakes.  All it takes for an item to become the "in thing" is nostalgia! 

     When you are out and about and come across something that takes you back in time, consider bringing it home and start remembering times long past.  But then there is my huge collection of cow creamers! Not only does no one want them, I can't even pass them down to my daughters.  They have told me years ago that they have no room for them, to go ahead and dump 'em out.  Somewhere out there, there must be some misguided soul that likes cow creamers, lots of cow creamers.

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  1. I think that the ELVES are truely great!!!! wish I had some and see why they are hot!
    I also like those creamers and not sure why you didn't pass down your great taste to your girls! that is a shame!