Sunday, December 18, 2011


Patricia and her husband Mike hosted our FIRST annual Christmas party.  Of course, the theme was pure Redneck!  Ron Barret, Misty's husband, and Sean Talley provided live music and they were wonderful.

Patricia (Earldene)--(Jim Bob Mike's main squeeze)

Misty, better known as "Bubba Jean"

  Note how these Pittsburg socialites flaunt their brassieres over their tees and camo wear.

Kellye (BillyBobbett) and husband, Shiles-- affectionately known as "Goober"
Judy (Ellie May) and her husband Nat (Big Boy) dirty dancin'

Nikki (Tammy Fay) and her husband Charlie (Grumpy Puss)
Note: this photo was taken during a rousing Jitterbug and 20 seconds
before they both passed out.

The Good Old Boys, our live entertainment!

Jim Bob Mike's Main Squeeze cookin' up some scrumptious weinies on
the latest in grill ware.

Jim Bob Mike and his Main Squeeze

I don't know what the hell is goin' on.  What is that thing in Grumpy's mouth?

As usual we all had a wonderful time.  We had a White Elephant gift exchange.  We exchanged a lot of crap because I ended up with four sets of chopsticks.  Thanks, and you know who you are and there are paybacks in the works.

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  1. What is that thing in Grumpy's mouth?

    And, those bras are actually jockey shorts!

    Too fun.