Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The Texas Junkin' Ladies are proud to announce the addition of Kellye Hubbell.  She will give our group plenty of class and knowledge.  Kellye has had antique booths in Jefferson, Texas and Winnsboro, Texas.  She is also an Interior Designer in Houston, Texas.  Kellye brings years of experience and a keen eye for those 'must haves' everyone is looking for.  We are so excited, she is the a prize and we are so glad to have her as one of the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  

I wonder if Kellye knows she has to wear a hat for our junkin' trips?  I wonder if Kellye knows she has to fit in Judy's SUV with six other Junkin Ladies (where one or two might be a bit gaseous), plus a full grown wire reindeer, a complete plastic nativity scene, assorted tables, chairs and manniquins?  I wonder if she knows she will have to carry the breakables in her lap and I wonder if she cares that Mexican food is our food of choice?

Let's not tell her until later, much later!


  1. Kellye:
    Patricia told me to tell you that she is pretty sure you don't know about the Texas Junkin' Ladies' junkin' trips and it will be a great initiation and for all that you should take us to at least two places that we have never been before, one for junkin' and one for dumpster divin'. She also said she is excited and with you along, we'll have a fun time.

  2. No I did not know all that. Be glad to pick two new places.... but not so sure about dumpster diving.....unless it's something I really want. LOL!