Saturday, December 31, 2011


This has been a whirlwind first year for the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  We have accomplished about 16 months of a lot of work, but mostly, we have had a ton of fun. One of the Texas Junkin' Ladies had to bow out of the selling end of our group due to a lot of night activity and the distance from her home and Jack's in Pittsburg, Texas.  Pat is still a staunch member of the Junkin' part of the group and will come along for the junkin' trips.  She has an eye for the good bargain and has years of experience in
garage sale dickering.  Pat can and will get that dollar item down to 50 cents using only her eye brows.  I've seen her do it.  I tried it and the seller thought I was chasing flies and tried to up the price thinking I was loco.

We've had a great year and when the Christmas items are taken down at Jack's, and when Patricia, Misty and Judy redecorate we'll start having time for the junkin' trips. Our trips are usually a hoot and we can't wait for the excitement to begin.


My Kitsch Tree

I wanted everyone to see my Kitsch Kitchen tree.  I collect aluminum cookie cutters and discovered I had about 20 of the Santa Claus cookie cutters and decided to use them for a kitchen Christmas tree.  The bell ornaments were given to me by my aunt that she purchased in 1951 as was the sitting elf.  Note the box, this was in my aunt's things and it contains ornament hangers that actually work.  Made in the USA, circa 1960 and sold for 10 cents.

                                  Prize for the drawing at the Cypress Basin Hospice Thrift Store

I put my name in, laughed because the only thing I have ever won, in 1964, was a hairdryer that came in a round suitcase like box that contained a plastic baggie that you put over your pinned and rolled wet hair.  It had a hose running out and into a heater like box attached in the suitcase. 

Hands free for those rotary dial phones.

Anyway, I won the prize at the Cypress Basin Hospice Thrift Store.

The Texas Junkin' Ladies wish everyone a wonderful 2012 and let this one be the best ever!

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  1. We are off and running in 2012 - Flea Market on Jan. 14, work all day at the store on the 15 to pack up Christmas and unload the flea market goodies - and decorate for Valentine's Day.