Sunday, December 4, 2011


We were to be at Jack's the afternoon of the Santa Claus parade to hand out cookies and hot cider but the powers that be in Pittsburg postponed the parade and rescheduled for this following Saturday.  The 'powers' thought it might rain, but not a drop.  Let's wait and see what next Saturday brings, with our luck it'll be snow.

There we were, most of the Texas Junkin' Ladies and the postponed parade provided the TJL's with a work day.  When I arrived at Jack's at noon on Saturday, it was wall to wall Christmas decorations. Jack's had been decorated from stem to stern last week.   Do you think for one minute that this was enough?  No indeed.  Judy whipped out, from the rear-end of her truck, another artificial tree.  Patricia, from god only knows where, brought out and fluffed six of those tiny little skinny trees and even hung them with lights.  Misty was over in the corner doing something with silver plated flatware.  It looked like she was fluffing the spoons to death. sticking and poking them all over the store and even in the trees.  I feigned piddling with stuff for a good hour until they saw through my charade and sent me next door to All Occasions to step and fetch.  "Take this over, bring back thus and such."  It was WORK!

At 3:30 I drug my poor body home to my recliner leaving them to do their magic.  As I drove past Jack's big front windows and to my wondering eyes did appear, three more Christmas trees waiting in line to be fluffed.  Where the trees came from is beyond me, but I have a suspicion that Judy, Patricia and Misty are actually elves and they do this every Christmas.  Why put one tree in an antique store when 57 will make it even better.

This is the kitchen area of Jack's

Our garden area was taken over by the "Elves"

This is the dining room at Jack's

I know it's hard to see but they're fluffing!

To Judy, Patricia and Misty this is not decorated nearly enough!

Don't let her fool you, Judy's scarfing down cookies.  I'm surprised the confectioners sugar
isn't giving her away.

Did you know Patricia can take an old shirt of her husband's and make
table napkins?  Who Knew?

Jack's did pretty good last month and hopefully December will be the best selling month yet!

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