Saturday, November 5, 2011


Last Thursday we met at Jack's to start preparing for Christmas.  We removed all of the Halloween and Fall decorations.  So far, five Christmas trees have been put up and knowing Patricia, 38 more are coming in any day.

All thumbs, that I am, I attempted to help by giving Misty a hand with the largest Christmas tree.  Putting it together was a little discombobulated due to the fact that I've never mastered the "righty tighty, lefty lucy" concept of tightening the tree into the tree stand.  As Misty was 'righty tightying' I was 'lefty lucying' and around and around we went.  Finally, I stepped back and Misty got the booger upright and tight.

Patricia yelled from the front of Jack's that she wanted the "bows" (East Texas for Boughs) fluffed.  I assumed, as only an old gal can, that she wanted the 'bows' uncrunched and tree looking.  Misty and I were, at this time, laying on the floor "fluffing" the lower 'bows'.  Unnoticed by me, we went around and around again.  In my pea brain, "fluffing" was not what I was doing.  I was straightening not fluffing.
Fluffing, I have learned, is an artwork mastered only by anal retentive people who put up more than one tree in their home.  Fluffing is more like a scrunch.  I have drawn an example below:

Note how the 'bows' are different.  One example is nice and tree-like, the other is full of fluff.  This old gal has learned a new way to put up an artificial Christmas tree.  From now on, I'll throw my tree out of the attic into it's stand and call it good.  No more unnecessary work, now I'll have more time for my blackberry merlot.

By the time 8:00 pm rolled around, I was dead tired from fluffing and had to go home.  The younger of the Texas Junkin' Ladies remained and I'm sure fluffed until the roosters started crowing.


  1. What's all the fluff about? There's a lot to be said for fluffin'. It makes the holidays gay and festive, and is always more enjoyable after a glass of merlot. Fluffin' is good for reducing stress and helps keeps you physically fit. We should all fluff more. In fact I ran into an elderly gentleman just last week that said he had never fluffed before. I quickly showed him and and he said his wife would be delighted. Christmas decorating would never be the same! So lets hear it for fluffin'. We should all do a lot more of it! LOL

  2. HERE HERE FOR FLUFFIN!!! I think the problem is the fluffin needed to be done at the same time as the blackberry merlot!!

  3. Kellye,

    I'll ask Charlie if he'd like to learn fluffin'.
    He's got the righty tighty/lefty lucy down pat.