Sunday, January 29, 2012



This is a busy time of the year for the Texas Junkin' Ladies.  Christmas has been taken down and Valentine's Day and Madri Gras are decking the aisles at Jack's.

The Valentine Tree in the store window.

Our Green Glassware

Patricia adding the X's and O's for Valentine's Day

Our New Harvest Table

Some of the Texas Junkin' Ladies have been hitting the flea markets and garage sales hot and heavy picking up all the goodies here in Northeast Texas.  Half the fun is the find and the other half is "what's for lunch."

Here's Judy with a very small portion of her loot from Larry and His Other Brother Larry's Estate Sale.
(I can't remember their names)

Judy calls this Good Stuff!

Judy offered Larry and his Other Brother Larry big money for the dog, but was sadly rebuffed.  Somewhere at home Judy's husband breathed a sigh of relief!

We're off and running for 2012 and are all hoping this will be a profitable year for us.  With all the loot found since the first of the year, we should rename ourselves the Louvered Shutter Queens, 'cause we got 'em coming out the kazoo.


  1. Great blog, great photos - you all note that Nikki's own car in the background outside the window on the Valentine tree photo; and her shadow in the photo of Judy's feet and the dog. I guess that's how she gets herself into the photos on occasion.

  2. Greetings from Cornwall, England.

    This all sounds very interesting ... one man's junk is another man's treasure. Over here we have flea markets and car boot sales. I love reading the blogs about all your 'doings', Nikki, and wish everyone a good 2012 with lots of profit.