Thursday, July 28, 2011


Judy and I dropped by our local resale shop for their FIRST ANNUAL GRAND OPENING SALE.  Judy found a Franciscan Autumn teapot for $ 38.00.  Probably not a terrific buy, but they are hard to find, especially down in this area.  She has a dear friend that remembers this pattern from her childhood and Judy hopes to surprize her with the teapot at Christmas.

Judy and Patricia fell into a wonderful deal, or one heck of a hell hole.  While Judy was cashiering at the antique store, where we have our booth, a teen dropped by selling old dishes he found while working at an old abandoned house that the city of Pittsburg will be bull dozing down tomorrow.  Patricia, being the nuts and bolts gal of this group had the teen take her to the house.  To make a long story short, Judy and Patricia have paid their way into getting all the doors, sinks, space heaters, cabinets, light fixtures, tubs and various doorknobs and drawer pulls.  I'm following them over there tonight to check all this stuff out and will take pictures.  This I've got to see!

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