Friday, July 29, 2011


Condemned house in Pittsburg

Three of the Texas Junkin' Ladies gathered at this condemned house and took it apart one door at a time in 100 + degree weather.  No fans, no A/C, no breeze!  Patricia and Judy brought help, their husbands and a poor hapless boyfriend of Patricia's daughter, Trisha.  They all worked like demons over this poor derelict of a house.  Termites are alive and well living in this abdonded house along with squirrels, mice, wasps and I swear... bedbugs, ticks and fleas.

Tons of personal correspondence, deeds, insurance policies, diplomas, etc.

Patricia wanted the stove, but Mike axed that idea, too heavy!

Judy and her husband Nat taking down the doors.

Eight doors, bureaus, two cedar chifferobes, bookcases, a table and a dressing table filled this trailer and Nat's pickup was loaded.

The Texas Junkin' Ladies took everything including the kitchen sink!

They all worked hard.  I came along for the ride.  I was the picture taker and every demolition needs a picture taker!  Way too hot for this old lady!

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